Selfie Spots

Claremore has great photo ops to remember your trip. We have picked out ten of the top spots for a selfie so you won't miss them! Be sure to hashtag #visitclaremore when you post them to social media so we can show off your great photos! 

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official selfie spots claremore ok
OK First Oil Well Selfie Spot
The site of Oklahoma's first oil well is north of Claremore. It was drilled in 1889 and took a year to complete. Stop in for a picture while exploring the countryside. 

Directions: Take Historic Route 66 north of Claremore to S 4240 Rd. Turn left on 4240 and head north to the first stop sign. Turn left on E 340 Rd. Go 1 mile and turn left onto S 4230 Rd. You'll have a winding drive on E 345/S 4220 Rd for a couple of miles. Once you start heading back west on E 350 Rd the Oil Well will be on your left hand side. 

Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch Selfie Spot
The Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch in Oologah is just 10 miles northeast of Claremore. The homestead is where Will was born and sits on a bluff overlooking Oologah Lake. It's a working ranch so there are longhorn steers, horses, mini donkeys, goats, and other cute creatures that may help out with your selfie! 

Directions: Just off Highway 169 and Highway 88 there's signage at the turn off on S 4110 Rd. From S 4110 go 2 miles and turn right on E 380 Rd. Go straight til you drive right onto the ranch. 

Address: 9501 E 380 Rd, Oologah, OK 74053
blue whale selfie spot claremore ok
The Blue Whale is a Route 66 icon and a selfie spot you won't want to miss! There's so many different places here including the entrance where these cute honeymooners stopped for theirs. 

The Blue Whale was an anniversary present built for Ms. Zelta by her husband Hugh in the 1970s. It quickly became a favorite swimming hole by locals and travelers alike. Nowadays swimming is no longer allowed but you can still walk in the whale, stop for a photo and enjoy a picnic lunch from several food trucks nearby. 

Directions: 10 miles south of Claremore on Route 66, north of Catoosa. Its on the west side of the road. 
old 88 bridge selfie spot claremore ok
Old architecture is just beautiful! This original steel bridge reminiscent of the Route 66 era is located northwest of Claremore off Old Highway 88. 

It's been the focus point of many landscape photos by local photographers. 

Directions: take Highway 88 north from Claremore towards Oologah. Turn left on E 450 Rd (at the Dollar General store) and follow that through the pretty countryside for a few miles. The bridge spans over the Verdigris River. 

This isn't far away from the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch so if you stop at one, be sure to stop at the other! 

space capsule selfie spot claremore ok

Did you ever think you'd see an abandoned space shuttle in Oklahoma!? Me neither but drive on Winganon Road between Chelsea and Talala to see this one! Sometime in the 1960s or 1970s a cement mixer rolled. The truck was picked up but the mixer full of concrete was left behind. Since then it's become a landmark and site of many local and traveler memories. 

Directions: from Claremore travel north on Route 66 into Chelsea, OK. You'll travel through Chelsea to E 320 Rd. Turn left on 320 Rd and keep on driving. You'll drive over beautiful Oologah Lake. If you want an Oklahoma sunrise or sunset photo this is also a great opportunity. The space shuttle will be on the right side in the ditch. 
train mural selfie spot claremore ok
If you are in Claremore for very long you're bound to be stopped by a train or two. Claremore's early growth is due largely to railways in Indian Territory. Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railways intersect in town and Claremore has an estimated 58 trains that pass through on a daily basis. 

This great mural depicting Claremore's history is located in Historic Downtown on the side of Bike About Bicycles. The mural artist is Steve Stephens. 

Address: 300 W. Will Rogers Blvd, Claremore, OK
will rogers downtown selfie spot claremore ok
Sit awhile and enjoy the tranquility of Historic Downtown Claremore with THE Will Rogers! Snap a pic, read the Claremore Daily Progress with Will and explore downtown. 

This Will Rogers statue is located in front of the Claremore Daily Progress building at 315 W. Will Rogers Blvd. It's right across the street from Bike About where you took a pic with the train. 

The Claremore Daily Progress was established in 1893 by cowboy Joe Klein. It's the oldest business in Rogers County. 
zebra statue selfie spot claremore ok
Claremore Public Schools mascot is the Zebra, so of course while you're traveling into Claremore you must stop and visit this larger than life version! 

Directions: at the Sinclair gas station on the north side of town. If you're traveling south into Claremore it'll be on your right side just look for the Sinclair sign. 

If you are traveling from the south you'll find the zebra on your left at the Sinclair gas station. You'll have to turn around at the stop light on Stuart Roosa to be able to turn in. 
JM Davis tank selfie spot claremore, ok
The JM Davis Gun Museum is the world's largest privately owned collection of firearms and has a military tank outside! Not everyday that you can take your picture with a tank. Be sure to stop here for a photo op and go inside to see a huge variety of firearms and more. 

Directions: the JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum is right on Route 66 near downtown. 

Address: 330 N. JM Davis Blvd, Claremore, OK
Surrey with the fringe on top in Claremore, OK
Claremore has it's very own "Surrey with the fringe on top" from the play Oklahoma! along with dresses and memorabilia. Without Claremore and Lynn Riggs there wouldn't be Oklahoma! Lynn Riggs, born and raised in Claremore, wrote the play "Green Grow the Lilacs" which Rodgers and Hammerstein took to Broadway as the start of Oklahoma! 

The surrey is housed in the Claremore Museum of History, just over the railroad tracks from the train mural. The museum is open on Saturdays only, 11 am-3 pm. 

Address: 121 N. Weenonah Ave, Claremore, OK