Will Rogers_at graveside

Will Rogers Memorial Museum

is offering 60 Seconds with Andy, the FABULOUS Will interpreter and crafts with Stephanie, the resident hands-on historian via videos on Facebook. This is definitely something you want to check out!

You can follow them on Facebook or do an enhanced virtual tour by visiting

JM Davis exterior

​J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum

has the option on their website to EXPLORE. There are still photographs from the museum plus walk through videos to learn more about the museum and it contents.


MOH Distance

​Claremore Museum of History

has been very clever with their information. They are putting out a series of videos and fun information educating about some of Claremore’s most famous residents. Make sure you follow the Claremore Museum of History on Facebook @ClaremoreMOH.  You might get a peek of some of our local talent!

Excellent job, MOH!

shepherds cross

Shepherd’s Cross

is announcing all new virtual tours. Power on your device and choose a tour at Shepherd’s Cross - an authentic working sheep farm, just north of Claremore on Scenic Route 66.

Small groups may visit the farm. Watch as the sheep peacefully graze the pastures, and rest by the still waters. The new born lambs jump for joy and frolic in the pastures, as you practice Social Distancing.

​ Shepherding & Lamb Tour: Virtual Tour – go to Feel free to remain in your vehicle or stand at the corral fence.

​ Spring Time also brings blooms in time for Bible Garden Tours. Shepherd’s Cross is home to one of only a handful of Bible Gardens in the U.S.A. Over 100 plants in this garden have Biblical references.

​Bible Garden Tour: Virtual Tour – go to Come with your family or small group. Ask shop assistant for assistance in getting to the garden.

​Farm Museum Tour: There are video recordings within the Educational & Interactive Farm Museum.

​Wool Mill Tour: You may watch a presentation in our Wool Mill while being surrounded by our farm grown fiber and wool processing equipment

The Claremore Chamber of Commerce

has done an excellent job managing a comprehensive list of local business. This list will let everyone know what is open and offerings. Visit