Route 66 Chelsea to Foyil

Start your tour off in Chelsea with your first stop being the Pryor Creek Bridge. It is a 123 ft. steel-truss bridge that was part of the original Route 66 alignment. It carried travelers on Route 66 from 1926 to 1932. A visit to Chelsea is not complete unless you have experienced the mural in the pedestrian tunnel you can go “under Route 66”. With a nostalgic sign, in true Route 66 fashion, you can find your way to Chicago or Santa Monica.

In Foyil, you can't miss the world’s largest Totem Pole just 4 miles off Route 66 on OK-highway 28A. The Totem Pole is 90 ft. and is made of red sandstone framed with steel, wood and a thick concrete skin, and sits on a large 3-dimensional turtle. The Totem Pole is an iconic Route 66 attraction and is identified once you are on highway 28-A.

Also in Foyil is the Andy Payne Park. Payne won the Bunion Derby back in 1928, the first Trans-American Footrace. Be sure to stop by the Texaco Filling Station located on an original piece of Route 66.  

Chelsea Bridge